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Why do I need a licensed caterer?  

Having a licensed caterer allows you and your guests to have a carefree wedding and not worry about anything related to serving food.  The caterer is liable for food safety and all the details associated with preparing, serving and cleaning up after food service.  We do not allow DIY catering.

How do I ensure I will get my damage deposit returned?

All the details on your responsibilities for the event are listed in your contract.  A few examples that can cause the damage deposit to be reduced are as follows:

- Your guests are bringing in their own alcohol, this is not allowed.

- You are attempting to do DIY catering and required us to assist

- Your caterer does not package up the left over food and does not clean the prep kitchen

- Your guests have used party favors like, confetti which creates a safety issue inside the venue

- You decide you don't want to return Sunday morning to clean up or don't clean up trash on tables or don't clean chargers after use.

How do I hold or book a date?

All the details on booking your big day are listed in the contract.  The quick answer is that you will need to review and sign the contract, and send a $1,000 deposit.

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